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If you are having any type of medical, mental health or safety crisis you should immediately call 911 or present yourself to the nearest emergency room.

If you feel that you are safe but are currently experiencing a mental health crisis please call 988 (the mental health crisis hotline).  They will connect you to your County's Mental Health Crisis Services.  You can also chat through

Specific County Crisis Services:

Allegheny County: 

  • Resolve Crisis Services: 1-888-YOU-CAN (1-888-796-8226)

  • Resolve Crisis 24/7 Walk-In Crisis Center: 333 North Braddock Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Westmoreland County:

  • Crisis Hotline:  1-800-836-6010

Armstrong and Indiana Counties:

  • 24 Hour Crisis Intervention Services:


  • 24 Hour Crisis Text Line: 


Butler County:

            Call: 1-800-292-3866

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